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How to get here:

The entrance to the apartment is NOT located in Estafeta Street, although the balcony overlooks it. The entrance is located in Plaza del Castillo 7. The best way for you to locate the building is by placing yourself in the middle of the square and look for a big hotel called “Gran Hotel La Perla”. When you face it, on your right hand you will see an arcade. The entrance is under that arcade. The building is a big reddish brick building. The entrance is a big wooden door.

If you are driving,  there is a big car park underneath Plaza del Castillo. However, in order for you to secure a spot, you need to be parked by 6:30am. But please take note that the parking spaces are limited. July 7th, 8th and the weekends it will be almost impossible to park in town. Remember that you will be able to reach the balcony not earlier that 7:30.

Please keep the following conditions in mind:

  1. We can’t accept tripods on the balconies due to space restrictions.
  2. We reserve the right to deny entrance to the apartment to any guest who is under the influence due to respect for other guests.
  3. Children under 7 do not pay entry fees but they will have to be located in front of you in the balcony.
  4. Please make sure you arrive promptly at the wooden door by 7:30am.
  5. Please remember that you are purchasing 1 balcony spot on a shared balcony. You are NOT booking a complete balcony.


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