Pamplona is a very safe city, but during Sam Fermín, unfortunately we welcome some undesirables…This post is about who you have to contact when you need help!!!  Let me show you who can give you a hand, I am going to post them in order from basic to serious staff.

First of all, remember that your 911 number, here in Spain is 112.


These are people hired by the town hall just for this week. They are easy to spot, they wear a bright orange vest, that is why they are called naranjitos (naranja means orange). Normally they are young kids from Pamplona that want to get some extra cash. You will find them at the entrance of the old quarter or by the city walls. They are not a policy body they are just there to help you around. Some of them speak good English so if you need directions, they are your contact.




Our city police. They are dressed in navy blue with a bright yellow patch on their back.  The Municipales, also wear a flat blue hat with a checked ribbon. If you have been stolen or injured they will tell you where to go and what to do. Unfortunately, most of them do not speak good English. We are working on it!!! They are very nice people and you can ask them almost anything. During the actual Running of the Bulls, in the morning, they will be the ones organizing the crowd before the run, so you better pay attention to them.

Contact phones: 948 420640 or 092

Policia municipal

City Police


They are State police and they are dressed in bright red and most of the time they wear a red beret. This State police are in charge of the outside of town and they will help you with anything related with your car: car accidents, stolen cars, etc.… Before the Run in the morning they will be checking on drunk runners. They are more serious so unless it is important do not bother them.

Contact phones: 948202920 or 112

Policía Foral

state police


They are Spain’s police force. The Nacional police carry heavy weapons and I really hope you do not need them because they are there for really important things. They are dressed in dark blue and boots and they look more like and assault force. They look very serious, but they are extremely nice people, and they will help you yes or yes

(I have been forced by my wife to upload this picture, not all the Nacionales look like this LOL)

Contact phones: 948 229700

Policia Nacional

Policia Nacional

But remember, if you need any help just ask anybody in the street or go into a hotel and ask for help there, think that us, locals want you to have fun in our town so we will help you for sure.