Let´s face it, you come to Pamplona 2024 to party hard.

But where can you go? Is every place Safe? Where do you belong according to your age group?

Party at Zentral Bar

Where to party in San Fermin – Pamplona 2024

I know that everybody believes that Pamplona (during San Fermin) is a non stop party. Well infact it is!! One of the things that overwhelms people is how much music there is, and what incredible vibes you get. Through the years I have realized that there are different areas of the old quarter depending what you are looking for. So here is a small series of tips about where to go:

– CUESTA LABRIT: this area is by the bullring and it is my favorite part in town. There are many bars, and they all have the same music, so it is easy to party there. It is open air, so you can breath. The style of music is international, mostly American. From Maroon 5, to Rihanna, to Queen. As many locals we go there, the Gin and tonics are good and not too overpriced… one of the bars there is called Kabiya

-BAR NIZA: I used to love this place, but I guess age is important. This is for a younger crowd. People in their 20´s, 30´s. More techno music. It is a big bar, but it is crowded. If by any chance you can go on top of one of the counters by the window, you will be able to breath a bit. Niza is right behind Plaza del Castillo

SUBSUELO: great place at Plaza del Castillo right by Cafe Iruña. This is an underground bar, so it is good if it rains. The crowd is a bit younger (20´s) and almost all national, so the music is a mix of USA pop music, a bit of Regeton, some Spanish nerd music and a lot of fun.

ZENTRAL:  This disco-bar is located behind the city hall, it is a bit hidden, but worth looking for it. It is very large and you can go to the balcony where you can overlook the crowd. It is spacious, good fun music and great Gyn and Tonics.

– GAY BARS: Pamplona is an extremely Gay friendly city, and we have some of the most fun gay bars in town.

Nicolette is the historical gay bar in town. It is behind Cuesta Labrit.

QWERTY is at Dead mans corner, great music, and there is a pizza place by it, so it is always a great stop.

-PLAZA SAN FRANCISCO: if you are under 18, this is your place. There are no bars, But all the kids come here. There are many benches and alcohol is easy to be shared. I love walking through here and listen to the hormone dramas.LOL


So as you can see, you can Party in Pamplona for many, many hours.