One of the big issues during San Fermín, is getting a place to stay in town or nearby.

A lot of people think that they can come to Pamplona without a hotel room and find one in the spot.

Well it is not that simple, remember that we welcome over a million tourists in a week, so there are not enough hotel beds in town and a lot of people have to sleep in public gardens or in their cars.

Here is my suggestion of lodging in Pamplona. And please if you have any questions or you doubt about a hotel, hostel or any place you want to stay in, and you need an extra opinion about it, really get in touch with us and we will give you our opinion.

Pamplona accomodation



  • “El Molino” – Tel 00 34 948 340082 I like this camping, you have a pool, there is a river where you can rent a kayak, it is really a good option if you are into camping. It is 30km (19miles) away from Pamplona and they have buses coming and going all day/night long. The bad thing is that there are a lot of young kids hosted at the camping. They don´t care much about going to sleep and the party is 24/7, so if you want to rest in peace it will be difficult.
  • “Ezcaba” – Tel: 00 34 948 330315 This one is even closer to Pamplona, just 10 KM (4,5 miles) There is a bike line from the hotel to the city center, or you can come by taxi. I personally prefer El Molino, but I understand this one is much closer to Pamplona and that is a big plus.


  • Hotel Castillo de Javier – Tel 00 34 948 203040 This one is perfectly located in the city center. It is clean and convenient. The rooms are small, but they have all you will need. If you want to sleep here, I recommend to ask for the rooms in the back. They don´t have a view, but they are quieter.
  • Pension Leyre – Tel 00 34 948 211647 One minute away from the bus station and 2 minute away from Plaza del Castillo (city center) This pension is a classic in town, it still has the charm of the old one, but it has been updated. Normally their English is not too good….


All the hotels that you will see underneath are located either in the city center or 15-20 min maximum walking distance. Of course, there are many more in town, so again, feel free to ask us about your choice.

Low Price hotels

  • Yoldi – Tel: 0034 948 224800 This 3-star hotel is great, and a lot of people know it so it is not that easy to find a room to stay. The bar is very popular in town, and it is easy to find famous bullfighters having a coffee with their troupe.
  • Hotel Leyre – Tel: 00 34 948 228500 This one is also a 3-star hotel and it is fantastic. Please make sure you book in hotel Leyre in Pamplona, there is another hotel Leyre. The other one is in a 12th century Monastery named Leyre (50 KM away). A lot of people have made the mistake of booking in the monastery and not in Pamplona.

Medium Price

  • Maisonnave – Tel: 00 34 948 222600 This is a 4-star hotel, 30 seconds away from the city hall. Everybody in town loves  their bar, because of  their San Fermin croquettes. If I were you, I would ask for a room overviewing Pamplona’s rooftops, those rooms are amazing!!! The lobby is a bit chaotic, but it is great.
  • Blanca de Navarra – Tel: 00 34 948 171010 This one is also 4-star, but it is located a bit further from city center (15 min walking) Our public transportation works great.  The hotel is quiet and not as expensive as Maisonnave. By the way, my high school (long time ago) is the building just in front of the hotel 😉

High Price

  • La Perla – Tel: 00 34 948 223000 Now we are talking serious staff. You want to talk about location, history, quality…. I don´t have enough words to describe this 5-star hotel. Al our VIPs are hosted here: Royals, Hollywood stars, rock singers, Nobel prize winners… And above all Ernest Hemingway. One more thing, the people who work here are top of the list.
  • Pamplona Catedral – Tel: 00 34 948 226688 This 4-star hotel is located in the city center in a reformed XVIII century convent. The breakfast room is the most incredible one in town, it was the church of the convent. Rooms are  comfortable and the bathrooms are big