Here in the north of Spain, we don’t say tapas, we say Pinchos. But it is the same thing.

The best tapas counter.

The best tapas counter.

There are too many bars in Pamplona to try all the tapas in town, so here is a selection of my favorite ones. This is a post for 2019, so if you read it later, things might have changed. I promise, I will write another post about Tapas next year.


This is a classic in tow. It is located right behind Plaza del Castillo. The “truffle egg” (huevo trufado) is their best known tapa, but if you like grilled foie, theirs is incredible. Really everything on their counter is good.


They are just a couple of years old, and they are doing a great job. They are in the middle of Estafeta Street. Their specialty, the “tortilla de patatas” I also love their Crab salad one. If they have a profesional Spanish ham cutter, you should try it.



This one is right in Dead mans corner (Calle Mercaderes) They have one of the largest counters, everything is good. One of the things I like, is that the tapas they serve are what you see. What I mean is that if you see ham, it will taste like ham, if you see artichoke, it will taste like artichoke. They are great quality without fakeness… By the way at the back and under stairs they have a great restaurant.


Show business!!!! Their pinchos are the most modern ones in town. The have a  3D printer, they use liquid nitrogen, they have it all. And what makes them great is that it is in fact good food. I love their “bombeja” It is a brioche bread filled with sheep’s milk, and has sheep meat on top. They are located in San Nicolas st.


They are right across from Baserriberri in San Nicolas St. It is easy to spot, they have many hams hanging from the ceiling. So as you can imagine, most of the tapas have Spanish ham, so vegans, please don’t come in, you will faint (LOL) They are well known thanks to their toasts. To me it is hard to choose one, because all of them are incredible. Maybe the one with fried eggplant could be mine…

As I normally say, there are 10000 different tapas bars in Pamplona. So if you like one bar that I haven´t posted, please let me know. I have probably tried it, and if not, I will go for sure.