Tapas in San Sebastián

Tapas in San Sebastián

Eating tapas is one of my favorite ways to meet with friends and make new ones.

All around the world now it is fashionable to go to tapas bars. Guess what!! It all started here in the Basque Country and Navarra. Tapas is not just food, it is sooooo much more. Lonely Planet has said that San Sebastián Tapas experience is the best food experience in the world.

First of all, what is a tapa? A Tapa in the rest of the world is a small bite. Yes that is what it is, but here those bites are perfection. Normally served over a piece of bread, you can find toppings of crab salad, cod fish, sirloin, Blood suasage, mushrooms, you name it.

When I am doing a tapas tour, I always tell my guests that unless they have an allergy, they should eat whatever appeals more to them, and just don´t ask what it is until you eat it. Just think that if you don´t like it, you don´t have to eat it. And you are just throwing away 3 or 4 Euros.

Here in Spain we have some great winners, so ask for a Spanish one. In San Sebastián, there is one white wine, called Txakoli that maridates very well with tapas. This wine is a young white wine from the neighboring city of Guetaria.

But it is not only the food. It is about the vibe around the bars. At the beginning you will be a bit intimidated by the chaos. But once you get a hold on it, you will love it. Relax and start talking to the people around you. That is when the majic will start.

We are loosing the pleasure of talking to strangers, today we all communicate with our smart phones, and we don´t know how to talk. In this relaxed atmosphere, you will get to meet people from all the corners in the world.

Share with your new friends your favorite bars, talk about food, wine, life.  You are on vacation, you have time. Enjoy your time, you don´t need to rush. Food is just the excuse (and what an excuse)