San Lorenzo is the most loved church in town, not because of San Lorenzo (that we love) but because the chapel of San Fermin is there.

For us San Fermin is our main saint. We love him. We worship him, and we celebrate with him, but it is incredible that he doesn’t have a church for himself. He is in the side chapel at San Lorenzo’s church.

San Lorenzo church is located at the end of the main street (Calle Mayor). In front of the temple you will see one of our most beautiful gardens, designed on XVIII century, called “La Taconera”. When you come into the church you will see at the main altar San Lorenzo holding a grill in his hand. He is the Saint who died barbecued by the romans. That is why he is always represented with a grill in his hands.

On the right side of the altar, there is a painting of the Holly Mary of Guadalupe. She is not local Saint, she comes from Mexico. The people who paid for the restauration of the church is a family from Pamplona  who migrated to Mexico and made it big over there.

But where on earth is San Fermin? Well, he is in the big side chapel on your right. This neoclassical style chapel for us is almost the center of the world. For example if you want to get married here, you need to take your time, because there is almost a 3 year waiting list.

San Fermin is inside of San Lorezo´s church

San Fermin is inside of San Lorezo´s church

At the altar you will find HIM. This is the venerated image of San Fermín. It is a wooden sculptured covered with silver that is dated in the XV century. It is a reliquary, it hides a small bone of the saint on his chest.

The red cape that he is wearing was donated by the City Hall. By tradition, it is the cape that is said to protect the runners during the running of the bulls. The mitra (bishop hat) that he is wearing is the special one for big celebrations. He has many mitras. This one is made in gold and silver and it is decorated with many insects made with gems (diamonds, emeralds,etc…)  This statue is the one that parades the town on July 7th.

Before you exit the church, check a small chapel on your left, you will see a powerful image of the Holly Mary. Her name is “ La Dolorosa” the painful mother and she represents the pain of a mother after seeing her soon being brutally killed. At the same time it represents the faith of a Christian who understands that there is a reason for that and God is the one who knows it. These hands are considered the best praying hands in Spain.

Architecturally speaking, this church is not the most beautiful one in town, but it is the most special for us.


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San Lorenzo church

San Lorenzo church