San Fermin 2024 starts on July 6th at noon, and will end July 14th at mid night, in Pamplona, Spain.

For us (locals) it sounds as a not very clever question. After I have been reading many international articles talking about San Fermin, I have realized that it seams that San Fermin dates is just July 6th and 7th.

Let me get things clear. The issue is that for a lot of international press, it is just July 6th and 7th.

San Fermin 2020 start on July 6th at noon, and ends July 14th at mid night

Come to Pamplona

On July 6th there is no running with the bulls, and there is no bullfight.

Well, yes there is a bullfight. But it is not with a normal matador.

The matador on the 6th goes on top of a horse. It is called REJONEO. What we have on the 6th is the openning ceremony.

This takes place in front of our city hall at noon. Don´t bodder to reach there at 11;45. You need to be in the square by 10:45.

If you arrive there after this time, it will be too crowded and you might not be able to see anything.

The big day is July 7th. This is the day of San Fermin. We have the first running of the bulls early in the morning (8:00) .

We also have the first bullfight on foot (the traditional one) at 18:30. But the most important veneu is San Fermin,s procession.

It takes place in the streets of Pamplona during all the morning. It starts at 10:00.

Every morning from July 7th until the 14th we have running of the bulls at 8:00.

Also we have bullfights every afternoon at 18:30. We also have an international fireworks contest every night at 23:00. The best place to watch this is at the gardens of Vuelta del Castillo, by the bus station.

So as you can see there is a lot to do for a long week. One little tip, hotel prices are much cheaper if you come on week days.