Balcony rental in Death Man’s Corner- Mercaderes 10


While the name might sound ominous, this is one of the best spots in the entire run!
Located in Calle Mercaderes 10, the expansive view from this first floor apartment over what is known as Death Man’s Corner will give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the bulls taking a 90-degree curve to the right and all the action that inevitably comes with it!

Interestingly, this apartment serves as a hairdresser’s salon for elderly ladies during the year but on the first week of July, it transforms into a fun space where you’ll be served coffee and a small breakfast. Its three balconies accommodate 3 persons each.

Price is per-person on a shared balcony. Everyone gets a front-row view.

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How to get here:

The easiest way to reach the apartment is coming down from Plaza del Castillo through Chapitela Street. At the beginning of Chapitela Street you will find Hotel La Perla (which you can use as a reference point). When you come down this street you will notice that it’s closed by two of the barricades used for the run. You have to go under the first of the two barricades and go to your right. The Entrance to the apartment is at the end of this barricades.

Very important!

Please notice that due to the special location of the apartment you will need to be there by 6:30/6:45 am. Otherwise you risk being stopped by the police as no one else other than the runners are allowed on the street passed 6:45 am.

If you are driving, parking is not a problem as there is a big car park underneath Plaza del Castillo. However, in order for you to secure a spot, you need to be parked by 6:30am.  Specially on July 7th, 8th and the weekends it is VERY busy. We always recomend to reach Pamplona with a car and a driver. This way you will be sure that you are at the balcony in time.

If you run into any difficulties, you can reach us at the phone numbers that you will receive with your booking confirmations.

Please keep the following conditions in mind:

  1. We can’t accept tripods on the balconies due to space restrictions.
  2. We reserve the right to deny entrance to the apartment to any guest who is under the influence due to respect for other guests.
  3. Children under 7 do not pay entry fees but they will have to be located in front of you in the balcony.
  4. Please make sure you arrive promptly at the door by 6:30 – 6:45am.
  5. Please remember that you are purchasing 1 balcony spot on a shared balcony. You are NOT booking a complete balcony.


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