Come to Pamplona

Come to Pamplona


City hall square

Watching the  opening ceremony at the city hall is sooooo much fun. But lets face it. You need to be young. You should be there by 10:30 the latest, and be ready to have wine on you. You will be stepped on. Once you are in, there is no way out. So relax and have fun.

Plaza del Castillo

This part is also very crowded, but you will not get wine on top. Here you will have ketchup and flour…. This area is where most of the “under 18 years old” kids come. You have a large screen, to watch it.   This is where my teenage kids come to watch the opening ceremony.

Paseo Sarasate

I love coming to watch the opening ceremony to  this part of town, because it is where the new parents come to watch it. Here you will find all the young couples that last year where at the city hall square, but this year, they have had their first sibling, and there is no way they can go there this year. You can feel the tension in the couple, because probably the friends of both of them are at the city hall. Both of them want to go to the big party, but neither has the courage to ask their partner if they can go, and leave the other one worth the baby…..LOL

Antoniuti park

Here you will also find a large screen. The people who comes here are young couples with pre teenage  kids. It is a safe way to introduce the kids to the opening ceremony. My  son Lucas (11 years old) loves going there.

As you can see there are many ways to watch the ceremony on July 6th.

Where will you go????