It all starts on July 6th. The world stops to watch what is going on in Pamplona. It is the moment to party and have fun. But do you know what is going on?

San Fermín dates

San Fermín dates

Here is a list of the things you have to do during July 6th.

I personally wake up very early this day. About 5:30 in the morning. It is the first day of the hardest week of work in the year. We have been preparing all the smallest details for our guests. But as you can imagine, this is the moment when last minute changes happen. A plane that arrives late. Maybe a last minute cancellation. Or even a very, very last moment booking. All our team is ready to go, and it all has to work perfectly.

Of course you are here to enjoy and not to work. So what should you do during this day? Here are my recommendations. When you wake up (or arrive to town) I recommend you to have a large brunch. I know it is 9.00 in the morning, and you had breakfast, but you will need extra energy for this long day. Around 10:30 you should start heading towards the city hall square.

Everybody knows that the opening ceremony is July 6th at noon. But it will be very crowded, so you should be there before 11:00. If you arrive later,, you might not be able to make it in the square. Bring with you some water, or wine, or champagne. It will be hot and you will need to rehidrate. You will feel the energy going higher and higher until 12:00. This is the moment when somebody (normally a politician) will come out from the balcony of the city hall and will light a rocket.

This is the moment to start the celebration. It is also the moment to put your red bandana around your neck. Never before!!!! About 12:20 the doors of the city hall will open and some local bands will start coming out of the gates and will start marching around the city. Just let yourself go with the flow.

For the rest of the day, you will just go on and on…. But don´t forget to eat, you will need it.