Here we go again!! It is mid June, and we have to look for our white clothes!!!

Every year, us the locals we fear this moment of the year. You might ask yourself why. Well it is simple. One year ago, we all packed our white clothes at the back of our closets, and today is the day to try those white pants again. Are they going to fit? Have I gained weight? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

White clothes

White clothes

You have to understand, that probably, you will come to Pamplona once in your lifetime and you will not need more than 1 pair of white pants and a couple of T-shirts. Clothes that you will not take back home. Or you should not try to cross customs with those extra dirty things. The police will stop you. LOL

As you can imagine, we are here every year, and we have sooooooo many white clothes. I know that I work during San Fermín and I need a lot of white clothes. I have 9 pairs of white pants, 8 white polos, 3 pairs of white tenis shoes. And not to mention how many white underwear. But something similar has my wife and my kids, so we have 3 boxes of white clothes at home. IT IS CRAZY!!!

But for you, I woulda really recommend, not to bring any good white pants or T-shirts. You will find everything you will need here. And trust me, they are going to be VERY CHEAP. You can find T-shirts for 8€ and pants for 12€.  By the end of the party, they will be sooooo dirty, that you will want to through them away. So just buy them here.

You will find a million shops selling all what you will need. You can find shorts, long pants, skirts, tank tops, T-shirts. Of course the red bandana and the sash. So buy them here and don´t waist your nice things.