Hotel Maisonnave is one of the best located hotels in Town. 4 stars and very conbinient. 

It was 1850 when the Maisonnave family opened a small hostel in the center of town. It was not too long after this year when everybody understood that it was the best place to stay  when coming to PAmplona.  At the turn of the century, The Alemán brothers bought the now named “hotel” Maisonnave.  The problem was that it was too small and in 1966 they moved to Calle Nueva 20, where we find the hotel today. It is just 1 minute walking to the city hall. PERFECT location.

Hotel Maisonnave

Hotel Maisonnave

Don´t panic, they went under a huge reformation in 2013 that gave them the 4 stars. It is not a 1960´s hotel.  Today they have 138 spacious rooms. They have the PREDIF certification, which makes them an acceceble hotel for handicap people (wheelchair, blind ….)

Maisonnave does not have a parking in the hotel, but they have reserved parking in an underground parking that is 50 meters from the door. I recomend you to let them know if you are coming with a car, as they have limited spots.

The lobby is big enough. If you came during San Fermín, it will be crowded. So take your time and don´t leave your suitcase unattended. The rooms are clean and spacious (European style)  They all have AC, free wifi, in-room safe box, TV. Beds are firm and confortable. Some of the rooms on the top floor are Junior suits, and they have the best views of Pamplona´s rooftops. Really worth paying that extra money. Make sure that if you book a room during San Fermin, it is not right over the main entrance, it will be VERY  Noisy.

I would say that the breakfast in the hotel, is the best one in town. Fresh juice, plenty of coffee, great pastries, omelets, fresh fruit, ham, cheeses, and if you want a morning mimosa, there is some champagne. Can it get any better?

The bar of the hotel is one of locals favorites. During San Fermin, we all meet there and have some gambas (shrimp) or croquettes. It is “the” place. It is not fancy, but we all love it.

So hotel Maisonnave, could be a great place if you are coming to Pamplona.