We are have way through San Fermin, and we are going strong….

So the first part of San Fermin has already gone through. And it seems as if July 6th was a decade ago. So far it has been super fun. We have made new friends. We have danced a lot. I am not going to let you know how many Gin and tonics I have drunk this last week…. LOL. If I have to tell you the truth, only 1. If I drink, I can not work properly, so, barely no alcohol for me…

San Fermín

San Fermín

Today I have a more relaxed day. I have just finished the assistance in one of the balconies to watch the run, and that is it until 13:00, when I will have a city tour. So today is my rest day. In the middle of the week, each one of us, we have one morning or one afternoon of free time. I know we should sleep and rest, but what we do, is come to the city center with the family. It is kind of strange to have this big party around us and not being able to join in 100%.

I am going to take a quick power nap and I am ready to go again. We just have 5 more days to go, so we are almost there. It is time to pray to San Fermin for some extra strength, and specially for voice. I feel me vocal cords very weak…. Let’s hope for them to survive 5 more days.


See you at the end of San Fermin.