I have been asked why we have created Let’s start from the beginning.

It was 1996 when Pamplona started to welcome tourists and the Government of Navarre realized that tourism was an important part of the economy of our region. Those years were a bit strange. There was barely no infrastructure, restaurants wouldn’t accommodate groups of tourists, they were not prepared for them. Our main monuments needed a big update, wineries had no clue about what was welcoming people in their properties. I know this sounds weird today but twenty years ago Spain was only considered as a sun and beach destination.

Spain didn’t care about selling history, castles, food, wine …. So we needed to learn how to sell ourselves. Here in Navarre we have great sceneries: amazing mountains, an incredible desert in the south, beautiful rivers… Here we also have great food and incredible wines and in top of all these, we have San Fermín, an amazing international festivity that makes people all around the world talk about us.

We had great ingredients and we wanted to show them to the world. It was then  when we created NOVOTUR. A small, very small, tour guiding company located in Pamplona.  Our  start was  doing just local guiding in town for Spanish groups. These groups asked us to show them around all Navarre and we prepared programs around the highlights of the region.

By the year 2004, thanks to the efforts of the Government of Navarre and the City Hall of Pamplona, we welcomed international groups around the year and not only in San Fermin. This made us create a bigger company, named GESRURAL, were we can accommodate Spanish and international tours. Right now we are working 60% with groups from outside Spain. Our tean now  has local guides that tour in English, French, German, Italian, Russian and we are beginning to work with Portuguese groups and our first Chinese group came in 2013.

All this brings us to july 2014 when we realized the possibility of selling our San Fermin products via Internet. It is a big change for us because we do not want to lose the proximity to our client. It has taken us two years to get this website ready. We know the city, the people, the balconies, the traditions … we are born and bred in Pamplona.  And we feel very proud to contribute to the economical growth of or community.

We are very excited to see what the future brings us in our Internet adventure

Part of our team in pamplona

Part of our team in pamplona

These is part of my amazing team: Laura is the girl wearing a red jacket, Elo the second girl, the one with glasses, Jose Luis is the guy without glasses and myself with glasses.