If you are a first comer to San Fermin, you might have no clue about the different style balconies in town. Let me explain you a bit of it.

Best balcony Running of the Bulls 2021 San Fermin - Pamplona

Best balcony

Have you ever wondered which one is the best balcony in town?

First things first. What style of balcony you want. There are along the route 3 different styles, you can have a window, a balcony, and a balcony that you walk in, and it is hanged on the wall of the building. The best ones are this third ones. You will be right over the action. The worst view is the one from a window. As you can not lean over it, you will not have a large perspective.

Second, what about the altitude? Before the smart phone era, it used to be the lower the balcony, the better. But now people are starting to demand second floor balconies. The reason is that you will get a larger perspective to make amazing videos.  Some third floors are OK, but only “some”.

The third thing you need to consider is where the entrance to the apartment is. If the entrance is through one of the streets of the run, you will have to access it before 7:00 in the morning. While if the entrance has a back door and you can enter through it, you will not need to wake up too early. You can get there by 7:45 and you will be OK. I know that this might not seam important, but trust me, one extra hour of sleep will make a big difference.

And the last thing and probably the most important is, what view you want to watch. So lets say that the run is divided in 3 parts. The beginning (Santo Domingo street). Dead mans corner (Mercaderes Street) . And the Main Street of the run (Estafeta).

Here you have the 3 different parts of the run:
  • Santo Domingo street, is the beguining of the run and the bulls run faster than in the rest of the trail. So it is very fast, but very intense. Mostly experienced runners run this part and you will see some action.
  • Then we have Dead mans corner balcony 2024. Everybody wants to watch this part. I personally love this view point, because it is sooooo spectacular. You see the bulls crashing against the wall and it is amazing.  The bad thing about this viewe is that as it is very narrow, you will get only a small perspective. It is great for videos and pictures. Here I would recommend to go for a first floor balcony. As you will not have a large perspective, you want to be the closest to the animals.
  • Finally, we have the balconies overlooking balcony in estafeta street 2024. To me, these ones are the best ones, if you are only coming to Pamplona for one day. As it is a straight street, you will get an amazing perspective, and you will be able to make a largest video. Also the bulls, run a bit slower, so you can get some great runs. The street is very long, and I recommend you to get a balcony in the middle of it. This way you will see bulls coming towards you and going.

I hope that after this post you have a better understanding of the balconies in town. If you need info about balcony locations, please feel free to ask.