What you need to know before you run with the bulls

So you are thinking in running with the bulls in 2023. Well, I should say don´t do it. You can die out of this. But who am I to say anything? I have run all my life and now that I don´t do it, Or at least that is what I tell my wife, i miss running with the bulls sooooooo much.

There is a million reasons not to run along six crazy bulls. You can die. Of course you can get injured. If you have an accident, it will cost you a fortune. Your wife / girlfriend will kill you if the bulls don´t do it before. But what about the rush, the thrill.  My wife complains About my incapacity to  understand the femenin world. Guess what girl, you don´t get the mens one either. And I don´t give you a hard time about it. UPSS I got carried away.

Life is fulled of boring moments.  Such as The mortgage, your brother in law, children’s Xmas festivals. What about going shopping for that perfect dress for her friends wedding? And what do you think about those “romantic” movies with Ryan Gosling? I hate that guy, can he smile normally? what´s with his abs? Do I have too always see them? And now he even sings and dances. Come on, give me a break!!! I am not going to say I am sorry because I need asome testosterone and adrenaline.

I  don´t have Mr. Gosling´s smile, abs, or moves. But guess what, I love my girl, and I will go to watch those romantic movies, i will accept her brothers lectures, and I will even  go with her to buy that dress for the F——ing wedding. By the way,  I think she looks sexy with it. But give me a break once in a while and let me do some stupid male stuff.

Here is an article written by Terry Colby, that was published at the Chicago Tribune about the basics you need to know to run with the bulls.

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