Spain is an amazing country. I  just love it!!!  It is full of history, castles, monasteries, etc… But if you love nature, you have to visit some of our National parks.

What does it come to your mind if I ask you about Spain? Probably paella, bulls, wine, party, running with bulls LOL.  You might even think about Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza… If you are into museum, what about El Prado, Reina Sofia in Madrid. Or Museo Picasso in Barcelona and Malaga. Or the incredible Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. But almost nobody thinks about our breathtaking National parks.

Spanish National parks are all very different one from the other. Here in the north of  Navarra we have the Irati forest which is the largest 100% natural forest in Europe. The Black forest in Germany is also amazing, but it has been replanted, ours is natural. At the south of Navarra you can find the desert of las Bardenas Reales . This desert is the most wierd place in Spain. It looks like if you where in Mars. Many movies have been shot there. Game of thrones, James bond, thousand of commercials…

Acording to the “The Guardian” one of the most beautiful National Parks in Spain is Ordesa, It is just less than 3 hours driving away from Pamplona. It is at the Pyrenees and offers many different tipes of walks, it is a great option to relax after San Fermín. Great nature, clean air, crispy water, many hikes. In fact you can find family friendly trails and also some climbing at “monte perdido”

The guardian