Just 4 days and  everything will change here. STRESSSS!!!!

I am trying to be calmed. But come on it is just 4 days!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!! Here everything is ready. The bulls are in town, the barricades are set. The fire works are arriving. All the bars are overstocking with beer and Gin and tonics……

Us here in pamplonafiesta.com we have everything under control. Each guest has its balcony assigned. All the guides know where and when they have to meet each guest. We have all the bullfight tickets ready with dates and places where we have to drop them.

This next 4 days before San Fermin are crazy. Although everything is ready, we go over, and over, and over each detail about a million times.

One of the things that stress me the most are the food options or food intolerances. We book many restaurants and this year is going to be crazy. We have 5 gluten free. 4 vegetarians but one of them eats white fishes. A couple from Israel eat Kosher. We have a group of 10 people from the Emirates who eat Halal. In the allergy section, we have allergies to peanuts, poultry and honey.

Another thing that drives me crazy, are the last minute cancellations. In our policies it is very clear that we do not return any money after June. But we always try to negóciate with our suppliers if they could return part of it, so we can refund part of it  to our guests. 90% of the times it is impossible, but at least we try…

Also this next 4 days is when the very last minute bookings come. We are suppliers to some of the high end hotels around Navarre. All of this very wealthy people decide in the very last second that they want to watch the runs. This is the moment when the bellboys start calling us all stressed. Please get me 2 balcony spots for the run on the 8th. Can you make a reservation for 4 at this restaurant? I need a guided tour in the afternoon of the 12th…… Stresssssss!!!!!!

If i have to tell you the truth, I LOVE IT!! These are the days to be fast, to use our contacts. We know that for many of you  it is going to be a tick on your  bucket list and we are going to do our best so you can enjoy.