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Smart phones are changing the way we watch the world. Now most of the people do not watch events, everybody films them. This has changed the way we watch the tunning of the bulls. We used to believe that the best balconies were the ones located at the first floor. well, this has changed big time. Our guests demand more the second floors than the ones located in the first floors. The reason is that you get a wider perspective from this second floors and the video turns out to be much better.

On the other hand, I guess that the Kardasians have helped, everibody is worried about taking Selfies. If you follow us on Instagramm, you will see that I am not good at all at this selfie technique. You need to know wich is your best angle (I didn´t know I had a better side). Then the distance from the camera, can make yopu look like a fool. What about the light? It is sooooo important. To top all of that, you need a cool background. If this was not enough, you need to look very casual while taking the selfie.

All of this is too much for me, but I must admit that a good selfie can do miracles.

Here is a fun article with the tecnique on how to make the perfect “selfie” It will help you with the technique to achive the perfect one. I personally need a lot of training. LOL