If we talk about TAPAS in Pamplona, we need to talk about bar GAUCHO.

tapa bar GAUCHO


By the way, here we don´t say TAPAS, we call them PINTXOS. If you wonder what is the difference, just come to the north of Spain and you will understand. In Spain, tapas are a little something that goes with your drink. Here they are small “high cuisine” treats.

First of all, where is tapas bar GAUCHO?  It is in street Espoz y Mina 7, right off the main square in town, Plaza del Castillo. It is a small bar, the outside is wooden covered and you will see a lot of people around it. Gaucho is one of the favorite ones for locals.

The counter at Gaucho is perfect.Everything you will try here is going to be amazing. I personally love their truffle egg. It is a low temperature cooked egg with bechamel sauce, truffle, French fries and some Spanish ham sprinkles. You have to stir all together. The yolk in the egg is almost raw, and it will cook with the warmth of the bechamel. It is very creamy, but at the same time you have the crunchiness of the frites. Just amazing.

They also have another tapa, but this one you have to orther it over the counter. It is a grilled foie (duck liver) I know it doesn’t sound too appetizing, but, trust me it is incredible. People from France come to Gaucho to eat it.

To tell you the truth, all of them are great. So be a bit wild a try without asking what is in it. That is the great thing about pintxos. You can try things that you have never tried before, and if you don’t like it, you are only wasting 3€ or 4€. Not that much.