Toledo is one of those cities that have everything. Art, history, food…..

If you are arriving to Spain via Madrid, I recommend you to make a stop in Toledo. It is just one hour drive south from Madrid. You will find a city that has sooooo much history.

Toledo became the capital of Spain for a while, and it brought all the greatness of the royalty. You will discover some of the best palaces in Spain. But to me this is not only what makes the city special. The most important thing is that for centuries, the 3 most important religions in the western world have lived together.

You can visit an amazing gothic Cathedral, a breathtaking Sinagoge and a extremely beautiful Musk. These three religions managed to live and work together. Last year I went to Jerusalem, and I was so disappointed. You find the 3 religions, instead of loving, and learning from each other, they hate each other. I believe that religion (any religion) is about love and acceptance.

Another great thing you will find in Toledo are the paintings by El Greco. These are the portraits of all this Saints, and important people that are extra large and extra thin. You will find here the best collection of his art.

You can also find food. And very good food. Well I mean good food if you are not a vegetarian, this is pork land. Also the marzipan comes from here.

here you have a link to a radio show I taped with Rick Steves talking about TOLEDO.