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recording the Radio show with Rick Steves

Every year a big group of European tour guides are invited by travel guru Rick Steves. We participate in an amazing guide summit in Edmonds (30 minutes away from Seattle) where he was borned, lives and also has the head quarters of his company.

If you have the oportunity to come to Edmonds, and visit Rick Steves world, when this summit takes place, you will be amazed at the energy, and the vibes in this small town. You have to imagine 150 guides with the same problem, we talk soooo much!! No matter where you are planning to visit, there will be a guide from that country. In fact, I think I am going to make a post with the contacts of most of my friends so you can contact with them. By the way if you book one of Rick´s tours during the summit, you will  get a special discount.

Here we are this time at RICK STEVES radio show with my good friend  and guide Agustín Ciriza . We are talking about the Basque coulture and about been Basque today. This is one of our pasions.  Agustin is a San Sebastian native. I must admit that I consider San Sebastian, and not Pamplona, as the most beautiful city in Spain. I am a Pamplona local, so both of us can realy talk about being Basque and specially, how dificult it was when we were growing up under Franco´s dictatorship.



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