Spanish Siesta


There is a national sport here in Spain that everybody loves, it is what we call Spanish siesta, or as you say POWER NAP.

Personally I don´t like taking siesta time, it really stops my day, and for many of my friends they think the same.

Our working schedules are too busy to do siesta. Normal working time is from 8:00 AM until 18:00 PM.

We have a 45 minutes lunch break, so you have no time for that.

I am talking about a small city, so just imagine this in Madrid or Barcelona where you have a 1 hour commute. So is really the Spanish  Siesta as popular as it once was? I don´t think so. At least not during the normal year. It is very different if we talk about holidays, then it is a big yes for me and for most of the spaniards.

Here are some tips in case  you want to master the perfect Spanish siesta:

-Dresscode: no shoes and your stomach should always be covered. The reason for the stomach is because you are doing your digestion and your body needs extra heat to digest.

What time is Spanish siesta?

– Duration: the perfect siesta should never be over 20 minutes. If you go further this time, you will go into a deep sleep and you will need need minimun a 2 hour sleep. When you will wake up, you will fell miserable. So set your alarm clock in 25 minutes, so you have 5 minutes to fall asleep.

-Location: the bed is always the best place, but under a tree or at the beach can work as well. The important thing is that children, and other relatives don´t bother you. In fact I always say that Siesta should be done alone.