When tourists come to Spain some of them think that Sangria is one of our national drinks. They are right, but there is a local one called Kalimotxo, that if you try it you will love it too.

What is a sangria? The base of sangría is red wine, orange juice and sugar, but if you make it at home you work it up a little bit more. The perfect recipe for sangría is:

2/3 red wine (the better wine you use, the better sangría you will have)

1/3 orange juice

1 pinch of cointreau

sugar to taste

You also need to cut very small pieces of oranges and lemons, I love to put also small pieces of apricots or peaches and a small cinnamon stick.Mix all of this together in the morning and store it in the fridge so it macerates long enough.When you are about to serve it put some ice cubes in it. It will make it fresh but not watery.

What is a Kalimotxo? Well,It is much more simple to make. The recipe is like this:

½ red wine

½ coke

Do not use diet, light or zero. It has to be the original one.

Serve it very cold with some ice cubes.

The base of both drinks is alcohol and sugar, this means a quick alcohol rush, which is perfect when you are in college, but also great on a hot summer day.The difference is that sangria is the fashionable drink among tourists, so the price is too high while kalimotxo is popular among locals and the price is normal.

I bet you have never tried kalimotxo, give it a go. Just remember that consuming alcohol is not a very intelligent thing to do when you are going to run in front of six bulls!!!