Running of the bulls for children

This is how we teach our kids to run with the bulls.

Long time ago when I was a little boy (that was long time ago), we used to  have the tradition of running with baby bulls with us, the kids.

It was right after the real running of the bulls. I remember my dad, running the real run and we would be watching him and my uncle from grandma’s balcony. Grandma’s house was located at dead man’s corner, now it is a hair dressing saloon. It was right in front of where today we find Burger King.

Right after the run my cousins and my brothers got quiet. You could feel the stress in the house.Suddenly my dad and my uncle would call us from the street. It was the time for us to go down to run with the bulls. I should say, baby bulls. My mum would tie our shoes. We would all pray in front of an sculpture of San Fermin. I do not know why but Grandma would always put perfume on us, and then we would fly down the stairs, scared to death knowing where we were heading to.

My dad and my uncle would teach us where to start the run, how to duck and cover in case of falling to the floor. They would teach us where to stop running, how to help other runners….There was tension and magic in the street. It was incredible. All  the memories  I have from running come from those days and I still do some of the things that they tought me. I re-tie my shoes twice, I pray in front of San Fermin and I put perfume on me (I think grandma helps me from heaven).

Everything has changed, today my kids are not allowed to run in front of bulls, baby bulls or anything similar. On one hand I understand that it is dangerous, but on the other hand, how can they learn how to run? How can I show them the pride, the honour, the responsibility in running? Now we teach our kids with fake bulls

I know a lot of people will think that I am crazy, but I really miss that part of the old running with the bulls.