Rick Steve´s is a world leader in the traveling industry. He knows so much about traveling, that it is always a great learning lesson being near him.


Rick steves

To me there is a great traveling Guru / Mentor. He is Rick Steve´s. I have been working for him for the last 8 years, guiding his Best of the Basque Country tour. Every year we are invited to Edmonds (Washington) for a guide summit. Once there we get to record some radio shows that will air during the year. You can find all of them at his web site.

Here we are talking about The week of the running of the bulls with Rick Steve´s on his radio show. It is always a great pleasure doing this radio shows with him, and specially this one that talks about San Fermin is even better. As I am not a radio guy, for me it is difficult trying to sound clever, and I have just realized that when I am nervous I talk too fast…. Sorry for that!! I hope you enjoy it


Travel with Rick Steves

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