Learn how to Run from Local Experts


Have you ever had to navigate your way through a stampede of uncontrolled bulls in a crowded and narrow alley? Are you planning to?

Then, you need to join us on our Learn how to run Tour.

Regardless of your fitness levels and your running skills, if you are planning on running with the bulls in San Fermín, you need to learn how to minimize risks from our experienced runners.

We’ll show you what to do before, during and after the run, how to access the route of the run, how when and where you should position yourself according to your fitness level and, of course, how to run to make sure that your “personal photographer” takes the best possible pictures of you from any vantage point!

Sure, have fun running but be smart about it!

If you run into any difficulties, you can reach us at the phone numbers that you will receive with your booking confirmations.

A minimum of 5 guests is required to run the tour. Final confirmation will be done the day before the tour.

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