Come visit the bull ring.

Guidding the bullring

After the “mysterious” fire that collapsed the old bull ring in 1921 we find this arena.

Inaugurated in 1923 and enlarged in 1966 it is the 3rd largest bull ring in the world after Mexico DC and Madrid. It can host almost 20.000 people.

In all the bull rings in the world, the main door or “la puerta grande”, is the biggest, most ornated and important entrance to the ring. When a bull fighter does a good job, they have the honor to come out of the ring through that door. In Pamplona we do have a “Puerta Grande”, but it is not the biggest one. For us it is the small red one that opens in the morning for the entrance of the Running of the Bulls. So when a bullfighter does a good job in Pamplona, we open for him the small door.

We are also different about the arena. The sand normally from a small town in the South of Spain named Albero. This sand has a very peculiar orangy color. You will see that our sand is not as bright as the ones on TV. It is because it comes from a different place. It comes from the estuary of the Ebro River in the north-east of Spain which is much closer. There is not another reason to bring it from there than the cost. Bringing 16 tons of sand every year from the South of Spain is too expensive. By the way, the sand is cleaned, watered and combed everyday

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At the bullring in the Afternoon!!