“ No the vayas de Navarra “ is probably the most important of our popular songs here in Pamplona. There are about 10000 different versions. You will listen to this song yes or yes when you come to Pamplona during San Fermin. It will be played in bars. In the streets you will see the bands playing it. You might also see me singing it late at night after too many Gin and Tonics…. It is the perfect song if you are a bit drunk!!!

This version I found in YouTube is by a very old lady named Mari Fe de Triana. She was the most important singer in Spain in the 60´s and 70´s. In Thais version, she sings to a boy, although the original version is sang by a man who has follen in love with this brunette girl.

I have tried to translate the text, I think it is funny how it sounds in English. LOL

It was a 7th of July when I saw her

Her eyes like coal burned me
and I felt San Fermin in my veins
Like seven passionate bulls.

Red beret, on the head,
shirt, trousers from Maracai
and that posture of nobility,
which is the same as Tudela Territai
With the sound of a guitar, the jota navarra made me cry.

Do not leave Navarra,
If you do not want me to die, flamencona
do not go, from Pamplona.
Do not leave Navarra,
that I will put flags for you,
if  that is asked but you, my brown flower.
Do not leave Navarra.

I have never seen her again
because on July 7th I met her,
and the callo under the bull as a carnation
at the San Fermin party in Navarra.