When you come to Pamplona, you will listen to a lot of music in the streets,but you will fall in love with one of the bands, it is La Pamplonesa. The city hall´s band.

La Pamplonesa was founded in 1919 by a local music freak called Mr. Vicente Sábada. Here in the north of Spain everybody has some short of music talent (well, everybody but me…). It is easy to understand that we needed a city band.

At the beguining it was just a non profit group of friends (just 39 musicians). In fact, for the first 2 years they did not get a salary. It was 1942 when the city hall decided that they deserved a special treatment. And it was when they became part of the town hall. In the bands statutes says that their job is to go with the city hall in the city hall public acts. No matter the political orientation of the Major.


During San Fermin festivities, they work like crazy. They give the soundtrack to the party.


Everyday at 6:45 (yes 6:45 in the morning) they will by marching in the streets to wake up the runners who will run in the running of the bulls. I can not tell you their daily route, because they go where ever they want. But always in the city center. These route is called DIANAS.

In the afternoon, they will lead the horses of the bullfight from the city hall, to the arena. This starts at the city hall at 17:30 and ends at the bullring at 18:30. They follow the route of the running of the bulls. They play a Pasodoble.

Once at the arena, they will be one of the bands playing inside of the ring. But they will not play all the time, only to the good bullfighters.


On July 6th, right after the open ceremony, they will come out of the city hall, and march through the city. I really recommend you to follow them, and you will have soooooo much fun.

On July 7th, they close San Fermín´s procession. It is the most important act during San Fermín. It starts at 10:00 at the Cathedral, but you will bump into the procession yes or yes if you are at the city center. This act is a very formal religious act, so if you want to party, this is deffenetely not your place.

On July 14th they will say goodbye at San Lorenzo´s church to San Fermín. It is a beautiful service, but you need to be at this church by 9:00 in the morning. It is extra crowded.

As you can see, La Pamplonesa is very present in town. Let yourself be one of the characters of the Grimm brothers book, “The Pied Piper of Hamelin” and follow the music.