Why should you come to Pamplona during the running of the bulls?

Probably you have it in the back of your brain, and it has always been in your bucket list. This year should be the year for you!!!!

Come to Pamplona

Come to Pamplona

Come on It is January first. You have promised yourself that this is the year to come to Pamplona.

There are ten thousand million reasons not to come to Pamplona in July. But, there are even more for you to come. Yes it will be overcrowded. Yes you will find a lot of  drunk people. Ofcourse it will not be clean. But it will be the best moment of your life.

Come on, it is new years day, and you promised yesterday that this is going to be your year. You have been postponing this crazy thing for a long time, and it is in your bucket list. Here are some reasons that might help you make the final decision:

– It has been too long in your bucket list.

– You have just finished your studies and it is going to be your last summer before real life.

– You want to party in one of the coolest parties in the world.

– Yes, You are young and free.

– Let´s face it, you are not that young, and you are not that free any more. But guess what? next year you will be older…. Just saying!!

– You know that it has been in your partners bucket list for too long. And this is the perfect gift.

– You think that it might not be for you, because who knows why people risk their life’s in front of crazy bulls.

– You are an adrenaline jonky.

– And if you are not, you can watch it from a balcony.

I could keep on with the list, but you just need to look for the courage in your heart and COME TO SAN FERMIN!!!!


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