It is July 14th, it is the last day of the fiestas!!!

Nine days of none stop party, come to an end. Today will live the last running of the bulls, we will cry with the last dance of the giants, we will eat our last tapa at ZANPA or GAUCHO, and we will say goodbye to many new friends. As you can imagine, there are mixed feelings, and all of them collide at the City Hall square at mid night. It is called EL POBRE DE MI  (poor me)

Around 23.00 you will strat seeing families with children, gruoups of youngsters, to tell you the truth, almost everybody in town, we will all be heading to the City Hall square. All of us will be carrying a candle. The final act for the week of San Fermín is going to take place. It is both sad and happy. We will all sing together the traditional song “pobre de mí, que se han acabado las fiestas de San Fermín” . Which means “poor me, now that the festivities of San Fermin have finished” . Exactly at mid-night, our Mayor will come out to the balcony of the City Hall and announce the end of the party. It is the moment to cry and take our red bandanas out of our necks. Some super strong fire works will thunder from the square behind the City Hall. It is breathtaking!!!

You need a balcony spot, talk to us.


  • arrive to city hall square about 23.00 you will see every body arriving.
  • If you have booked a balcony spot to watch the POBRE DE MI, you should be there about 23:15. If you want to book one spot, contact with us.
  • you need to have candle with you. Don´t worry, you will find 1000 street venders  willing to sell them to you.
  • do not wear sandals, remember that candels drip. You dont want that hot wax on your feet. I know this from experience…
  • When this act has finished, walk to San Lorenzo´s church to see people leaving their bandanas ans candles behind.
  • now it is the moment to party all night long
  • a little before 8:00 in the morning come to the beguinning of the running of the bulls. There will be no bulls, but there is a public bus who will drive up this street.


So my friends, I really hope you have enjoyed my hometown, and we would love to see you back next year.