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Today we are talking with Rick Stevesabout the Basque culture and specially our food. This time a great friend of mine Agustín Ciriza, local guide in San Sebastian and expert in active tourism goins in.

When Rick Steve´s comes to the north of Spain, he loves to eat tapas. Well we call them pinchos. It is a small bite size delicacy that you find in all the bars in every town. But the Basque country is much more than that. For us,food,  it is almost a religion. We celebrate everything with food. We show love by cooking. It is incredible that we find any excuse to cook and eat. So you can imagine that this is the perfect destination for foodies.

If you need a great  guide for San Sebastian, you should contact Agustín he is the best, and if you want to learn how to surf, kayak in the gulf of Viscay or if you want to hike part of the Pyrenees he is your man, you can contact with him in his website www.gorilla-trip.com

The talk about the Basque country starts at minute 33:32´

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