When a city goes from 200000 people up to 1,5 million, of course some bad people  come. So please be safe here while San Fermin.

I don´t want to freak you out with this post. San Fermin is a safe party. I have been here all my life and nothing has happened to me or any body of my family.

Police in Pamplona

Police in Pamplona

I want to starts saying that Pamplona is a very safe city. During the year Pamplona is almost a village (200.000 people) where everybody knows everybody, but during this week, Pamplona goes international and we welcome over 1 million people. 99% of this people just want to have fun as you do. Just 1% will want to have your money, so do not let them ruin your party.

Here are some tips for you that I have collected with years of experience:

1- Do not carry your passport, ID, driver’s license with you. Make a photocopy of one of them and keep it with you. That is all you need. Leave the rest at your hotel room.

2- Do not carry too much money with you. What I do is I take 50 euros in my pocket and 50€ extra inside of each one of my shoes. 150€ for a night is more than enough.

3- Don’t wear your 24k diamond engagement ring or your Rolex watch with you. Do you really need them? I don’t think so.

4- Credit cards are tempting to carry with you but if your hotel or car is nearby leave them there and go back to get them whenever you really need money.

5- Telephones are the “hit for the thieves”, I know it is hard to leave them behind, but please, really take care of them.

6- If you have your car keys, and specially if you have a remote, that thieves can find your car easily, don´t just put them in your pocket, tie them up to a shoe lace and that to your pants.


If you have been robbed, you should report it to the police at  General Chinchilla 3 (phone: +34 948 299700).