I understand that if you are coming from overseas, Pamplona seems to be at the end of the world, but getting over here is not that difficult, trust me!

First things first, Get yourself in Spain!!!

There are many flights coming to Madrid or Barcelona.

If you want to check Spain’s flying company it is called IBERIA.

It is by the way, the most punctual flying company in the world.

Go wonder why Spaniards are known to be unpunctual….

Pamplona train Station

Pamplona train Station

  • If you are coming from Madrid or Barcelona the best way is by train. Check renfe.com .

This is Spain’s national train company.

They work very well and for theses dates (July 6th, July 14th) they set reinforcement trains.

You will have to wait until May for RENFE to update the real train passes to Pamplona from the mayor cities.

It is fast, reliable and not expensive.

If you are 4 friends I recommend to book the table seats, if you book those 4 ones at the same time, you get a big discount.

From Pamplona train station to the city center, it is a 10-minute taxi drive that shouldn’t cost you more than 15 euros. A taxi fits 4.


  • If you are coming from Bilbao the best way is by bus.

To reach the bus station in Bilbao (http://www.termibus.es ) get on the metro, you should stop at SAN TELMO metro station.

The drive to Pamplona is about 2-hour.

Pamplona’s bus station is located 5 minutes away on foot to the city center.

(http://www.estaciondeautobusesdepamplona.com/Rutas.aspx.html )


  • *If you are coming by plane to Pamplona, there is only 1 flight company providing this service, it is AIR_NOSTRUM ( http://www.airnostrum.es )

Once you are here, you should get a taxi from the airport.

It takes 15 minutes to the city center and shouldn’t cost you more than 30 euros.

A taxi fits 4 people. If you don´t want to wait in line, you should call a private driver, there is a great local company called NAVARVIP, they have great deals, great cars and if you are small group, they have a small van that fits 9 PAX.  ( http://navarvip.com )

They can also bring you from Bilbao.


  • If you are coming by car, your biggest problem will be the parking.

I do not recommend that you park in the street because you pay by the hour and you have to pay every certain amount of time.

There are 3 parking lots in the city center: under the Bull Ring, under the Plaza del Castillo, and the third one at the Baluarte Convention Center.

These 3 are open 24/7.

Expect to pay around 30 euros per day.

A lot of people park at El Corte Inglés, but this is a shopping center that closes at 10:00 pm and all the cars should be removed before this hour.

If you don’t do it, you get a very expensive ticket.



By the way UBER, unfortunately, does not work in Pamploa, we have a very strong TAXI lobby.