Here are some more of these amazing San Fermin stories.


We all think that San Fermin is just for young kids. And you are right, it is for young people, but for young people at heart.This year we have lived one of those incredible San Fermin experiences, that touches you.

Last February, a young man contacted us asking to book a balcony for 9, hotel rooms, and a guide with a lot of patience for the 3 days they were going to be here. By the end of April, everything was booked and prepared. But the question was, what do you mean with a “very patience” guide?

Well, what happened is that this group were 8 grandkids inviting their 82 year old grandfather to party at San Fermin. When he was a kid, It was Mr. X dream to come here with friends, but life, work, kids….didn´t let him come.

We were expecting a nice old men who could almost not walk, but that was the problem. Grandpa, is the one with more energy in the group. He was always the first one at the lobby, even at 6:30 in the morning. Mr. X would dance, eat, drink, enjoy life like a teenager. He is uncontrollable, I want too be like him when I am 82.

The love and respect that all the grandkids have for this man, is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. They were always there for him. Every morning each one kissed him at breakfast. If he wanted to use the toilet, 2 of the kids would always go with him. One of the granddaughters (a doctor) was in charged of his medicines. The youngest one (16 years) was instructed to hydrate Mr. X and he would always have a bottle ready for him.



We have had one of those guests who can drive you crazy. And he has really driven us crazy in just 2 days. They came with a very VIP travel agency, that told us that what ever he wanted, he should have it, no matter the price…..

Day  1 demands:

-I want 6 front row tikets in the shade for todays bullfight. (Hello!!! It is in 3 hours!!!)

– Change our reservation for lunch in  the 1 Michelin star restaurant ,  I don´t like its name. ( WTF!!!! )

-I want a car to drive me to the bullring. ( But It is just 2 blocks away from the hotel)

– Get me a private house to watch the fireworks (OK!!!!)

Day 2 demands:

– I don’t want to watch the running of the bulls at 8:00. ( Great you will watch it on my iPad whenever you want )

-This is unacceptable, I can´t believe that in this hotel they only have cheap Champagne. (200€ a bottle is cheap?)

– How come it is so cold? (Don´t worry, I will change it for you)

– This is not Vodka ( that is what happens when you ask for Gin and Tonic)

Needless to say that we tried our best to solve all the problems he found. And we did a great work. I also have to say that the tip was in sane….