Every year we live some extraordinary experiences during San Fermin. Some are happy, others are fun, and others nerve breaking. Here are some of them from this year.



We know that for a lot of people,  San Fermin and specially, running with the bulls in Pamplona, is on their bucket list. But this year,  Michael´s story really touched us.

Every day we give a class on how to run with the bulls. It is a lot of fun, some people even takes notes….

On July 12th Michael and his girlfriend (Sue) joined one of our classes. It was a small group, just 5 guys and one girl. Everything went great, but I could see something going on with Michael. So at the end of the class when I said goodbye, I took the couple on a side and asked what was going on.

What happened is that Michael´s best friend from collage (Sam) always dreamed in running with the bulls. Sam convinced his girlfriend, Michael and Sue to come to Pamplona to run. Unfortunately Sam got cancer, and had to cancel. So Michael run this year for his friend.

Sam, although I don´t know you. I want to see you next year here running with the bulls.


We work with some  high end traveling companies. This year we had a extra VIP guest. Not a famous person, but a very, very wealthy guest. When this agencies tell us that they are very VIP, normally it means that they are going to be a pain in the ….. With “Ms. T”  that was not true.

SHe was hosted in one of the best hotels in town. She came with her daughter and about 12 suitcases. They where going to be away from home for 3 months.

Theses two were really fun, always ready for a joke. They came prepared, they knew sooooo much about Spains history. “Ms. T” daughter felt in love with our Cathedral. She is an art major. They both loved to eat and wine was always on the table. These are the kind of people I love.

By the second day she explained us that she owes one of the largest garbage companies in Mexico, and she is expanding to other countries in Central America. She hires over 80.000 people.

It is incredible, that we don´t see how many garbage we leave behind during San Fermin. Obviously “Ms. T” did. She was super impressed about how our cleaning crews worked. The speed, the neatness. There is so much hard work behind. I never realized how well organized each team is. They work like perfect machines. There is not one corner in town not cleaned. Yes of course it is not a clean city. But it is as clean as it can be.

At the end of the 2 days, she handed us 2 tips, one for our guide. And another one for the cleaning crews. This second one was over 400€. She asked us to give it to one of the cleaning crews. Of course we did it. They where super happy with the tip, but specially moved, because somebody realized about the amazing work they do.

From now on,  our cleaning crews have my respects.