The guardian

I don´t know if you are as much of a fan as I am about Game of thrones. I say “fan” not to say “frik” that is what I am. Well the issue is that last year they came to Navarra to shoot part of this season.  If you are a fan, you will understand that we all went crazy. There were long lines to try to be part of the cast. I admit that I was one of them, and yes, you will not see me there. I was not hired, they said I was too tall (I am just 6´1)  what a pity!!!

Once again “the guardian” is writting a great article about Spain and in this case about my state. If you are intrerested in watching one of the most beautiful landscapes in Navarra, you should drive south to Tudela (a bit over one hour from Pamplona). You will discover this amazing place. This part of Navarra is famous for its veggies. There are many restaurants that you can visit, my favourite one is called  “33” . They have a great vegetable menu, but don´t think it is a vegetarian place. You will have artichokes with foie, potatoes with ham, green beans with pork,etc….  It is just amazing. Of course as they are specialized in vegetables, the menu is always different acording to season. I guess the game of thrones is not all in my life. I prefer food, which is my real passion.

The south of navarra is a great destination to visit and if you are driving back to Madrid it could be a great stop, there is a very special hotel, great for couples called Aire de Bardenas where you should stop for a night to feel like if you where in a futuristic game of thrones