Beatriz : Garroticos de Chocolate


In the middle of street that walks you up to the Cathedral (Curia St. #16), you will find one of Pamplona’s favorites foodies place, and chocolate paradise. It is called “Beatriz”.


Beatriz Pamplona Garroticos de Chocolate

Yes, I have a problem with chocolate!!!


You might have heard that this chocolate place was in the middle of Estafeta Street.

Who ever told you about it, was right, but they have movet to Curia Street number 16.

If you are like me, a chocolate freak, you need to stop at this tiny (very tiny) chocolate piece of heaven.

This “very small” shop opened in the 60’s and was opened by Pablo Sarandi and his wife Beatriz.

They have always baked their goods at the shop.

Unfortunately this couple didn’t have children, so when they were ready to retire they sold it to the Telletxea sisters, the actual owners.

They didn’t just sell the store, they sold the recipes and the know how to them as well. These two sisters still do everything the same way as Beatriz taught them.

Their specialty is called “garroticos de chocolate” which are bite size croissants filled with dark chocolate.

The great thing is that, as they sell so many, they are always freshly baked.

When you buy them the chocolate is still warm and it melts. Watch out because it drips.  It can not get any better than this.

I bet heaven is made out of croissants filled with black chocolate.

I am a chocolate freak and I cannot control myself with this “garroticos”. Watch out because when you eat more than 3 of them you can feel as a Thanksgiving turkey.

The “garroticos” is their specialty, but everything here is good: the tea cookies are incredible, the chocolate chip muffins are heaven and their chocolate with hazelnuts has no comparison. I really mean it, everything here is amazing!!!

It is very easy to locate this store at the Estafeta Street, just check for a queue and you will have found it.

If you are a foodie like I am, you need to try this old recepy “garroticos”. You will have a sweet memory of my town for sure.

During the year you can call them to place an other (948 220618) .  But if you are here just for San Fermín, don´t try to call them, they are too busy.

This is heaven!!!