The best botas in the world ZZZ

The best botas in the world ZZZ


When people think about Pamplona they tend to imagine everybody dressed in white drinking  from a pig skin. Well I guess it is mostly true. The outfit is correct but the pig skin ( we call it “bota”) is more of a myth. We do not use them during this week but most of us we have one at home. We really use them on the weekends when we go hiking.

You will find all kinds of “botas” in town. Some will cost you 5 euros and last a day. Others “the originals”  that will cost around 25/30 euros. The real ones are called “Botas ZZZ” and in 2016 they turned 100 years old.

From the very beginning they have been locals’ favorite because of their quality. They have always used the thinnest pig skin and they have worked it by hand. In the old style “botas” you would have to cure the inside putting hot water in and leaving it for a while. It needed constant care throughout the year. At least once every 15 days you need to rinse them and refill them with liquid as otherwise they dry out and become useless.

Today ZZZ has adapted to modern times and they came out with the great idea of covering the inside with a very thin layer of latex. This way the “bota” is always ready and you do not need to take care of it. It will always be perfect.

Size wise I recommend to buy the 1 liter one. The reason is that most of the wine bottles come in 750 ml so it fits perfectly.

There are 2 different shapes in “botas”, the basic one, and the one that looks like a horn I personally prefer the basic one because it is easier to drink from it without spilling wine on your shirt.

You can find “Botas ZZZ” in most of the souvenir shops in town. Check this one out: Olentzero. It is right in the middle of  Estafeta Street.