Biarritz is just an hour and a half away from Pamplona. If you have the time, it is a must see.

The New York Times has published an article explaining you some of the best places in town. And you know that when The NY Times says something, it must be true.

Biarritz, became famous when Emperor Napoleon the 3th and his wife Maria Eugenia de Montijo started to come here for their summer vacations in the middle of the 19th century. María Eugenia, was from Spain and couldn´t be that far from her native country. This is the reason they came. Along with the Emperors, also the novelty came with them. At this moment Biarritz became the hot spot for European royals.

Today this beautiful city hosts the rich and the famous as well. It is easy to spot Hollywood people, top models, and even Karl Lagerfeld. All of this fancy people miggle with surfers, and my family. I wish I could afford to buy a small appartment here, but…..

When we go to Biarritz with the kids there are 2 places we “have” to go (we have teenagers….) One is an amazing Pizza place. It is called  LA TRATTORIA . I personally love all  their pizzas, made in a wood fire oven. My favoiurute one is their pizza rustica, with mozarella, onions, panchetta…My wife loves their pasta, specially the tagliatelle a la carbonara. OMG that is good!!!! Their salads are also great. The only problem is the price of their wine. I am Spanish, and wine here is much cheaper than in France. Although if you are American you will find it as cheap.

The other place we go (not as often, because it is pricier) is the amazing patisserie MIREMONT. I have a sweet tooth and I can´t help this place, it is heaven. Miremont is a fancy and elegant place founded in 1872. It is the perfect place to have a coffe. If you can get a table by the window, you can be there hours overlooking the bay. The decoration will take you to the XVIII century, I donñt know why, but when I cross that door, I become better mannered, and start behaving as a gentleman fron another time. I believe I have tried all their cakes, and all are good, but there is one that to me stands out. Their rapsberry and pistacho cake leaves me speechless. It has a thin buttery crust. On top the smoothest pistacho cream, and topping it all thousands of fresh raspberries. It combines the reachness of the cream with the freshness of the fruit and all is ensabled by the butter.

As you can see you can go to Biarritz for shopping, eating, watching, surfing….. And it is just 1,5 hours from Pamplona.