The New York Times talks about Basque cuisine

I love this article from The New York Times talking about the Basque cuisine and the camaradery among all the chefs.

The Basque cuisine movement, strated in the 60´s with Juan Mari ARZAK. This 3 Michelin start awarded chef, comes from a family of tradicional cooks here in the Basque country. His parents had a “Casa de postas” outside San Sebastian. A place where local farmers and latter polititians used to mingle. He learnt from mama all about the traditions. He also worked all around Europe with the best chefs, until he met Paul Bocuse. Monsieur Bocuse made him understand that food can be art, and should be treated like that.

We consider Mr. Arzak as the father of Basque cuisine. One of the great things about him, is that he has shared his knowledge with the new generations. Now we have many amazing Michelin awarded restaurants, such as Azurmendi, Akelarre, and many others as well as some of the most interesting Tapas places in the world. The Tapas in San Sebastian deserve a blog on their own. By the way, here in the Basque country we say Pintxos and not Tapas, and San Sebastian is the worlds capital of them.

If you need a reservation at any of these amazing Basque restaurants, we can give you a hand with that. One tip, you will need to book with many months in advance, but if you want to take your risks, you can call about 30 minutes before you want to go, and most of the days, they have last minute cancellations, that they will be happy to fill with you. Prepare to pay no less than 200€  per person. If you can visit at least one of this places, I am sure you will not regret it.